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    A Festival of Ideas

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    Festival Planners

    The Steering Committee

    Dr. Daniel Barron (director of the AMY Regional Libraries) Grant Writer, Program Committee
    Dan Barron

    Britt Kaufmann (poet, playwrightProgram Chair 
    Britt Kaufman

    Amber Westall Briggs (Librarian, Yancey County Public Library) YA Author Liaison, School Liaison, Program Committee  

    Myrna Stephens (board member of many local organizations) Budget Curmudgeon
    Myrna Stephens

    Lucy Doll (Community Activist, Dog Boarder) Venue Coordinator, Scheduler

    Worth Weller (Professor, Hiker) Scribe, Publicity
    Nancy Lindeman (Avid Reader, Tungsten Miner's Daughter, Crazy Person Who Said "yes" to Lucy, Native of Granville County, Pitbull Rescuer/Advocate) Author Liaison
    Nancy Engelhardt  Signage and Specialties
    Wendy Reid (owner of the Design Gallery and arts advocate) Community Liaison
    Matt Mazzuckelli (duck farmer, chef, and IT guy) Webmaster

    Olga Ronay Volunteer Wrangler, Evaluations
    Ruth Price Program Consultant and Festival Co-Founder
    Anne Sabri Author Accommodations  
    Cynthia Rawls Blood Banquet

    Ellen Dowling and Michele McCluskey Registration Mavens

    Program Committee
    Britt Kaufmann, Chair, Daniel Barron, Amber Briggs, Jane Greene, Deana Blanchard, Shiela Hollingsworth, and virtual advisors Carol Boggess & Katherine Ledford
    Kids' Events
    Stacey Lane Kline 
    2012 Volunteers:
    Amber Westall Briggs, Ann Berdeen, Anne Sabri, Britt Kaufmann, Charles F. Price, Christina Deyton, Corrine Glesne, Cynthia Blood, Cynthia Stewart, Daniel Barron, David Isaacs, Deb Louis, Deana Blanchard, Denise Cook, Donny Laws, Greta James, Jan Barnett, Jessica Newton, Joy Boothe, Juanita Brown, Judy Ann Jackson, Karen Head, Karen Miller, Kathleen Sioui, Kathleen Turczyn, Kathy Weisfeld, Linda Goldberg, Linda McFarling, Lucy Doll, Lynda Gayle Banner, Lynn McClure, Marvin Holland, Melissa Davis, Michele McCluskey, Nancy Lindemann, Nancy Roth, Norb McKinney, Patti Smith, R.L. McIntosh, Ron Powell, Rose Gordon, Ruth E. Price, Sarah Thomas