The 10th Annual
Carolina Mountains Literary Festival

will be held Friday and Saturday, September 11 & 12, 2015.

Our Earth...Our Time...Our Space...
Celebrate the stories of our shared earth. Reflect on our pasts and wonder about the possibilities for our futures.
(Scroll down for Art Contest rules)

We are pleased to announce our dual keynote speakers

 photo by Annie Griffiths                                     
    photo by Heidi Ross

More 2015 authors: Wiley Cash, Susan Laughter Meyers, Catherine Reid, Will Harlan,
Shelby Stephenson, Robert Youngdeer, Ashley Adams English, Barbara Bates Smith and Jeff Sebens, and.......stay tuned....

NEW FOR 2015


1.  Contest is open to Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Middle School & High School Students
2.  Please submit a photograph, painting, drawing, or computer-generated work.
3.  All art must be created by the submitting student.
4.  Art must be submitted:
    a.  to (put "Art Contest" in the subject line)
    b.  a physical copy to your local AMY Regional Library
5.  Art must reflect the festival theme:
Our Earth...Our Time...Our Space...
Celebrate the stories of our shared earth. Reflect on our pasts and wonder about the possibilities for our futures.
6.  The winning artist must give written permission for the image to be altered to fit the festival
        needs: bookmark, poster, website, FaceBook, PR, etc.
7.  Please include your name, address, email address, telephone number, grade and school
        with both gmail and physical entries.
8.  Deadline for submission is January 16, 2015.
9.  All entries will be included in gallery shows at the AMY Regional Libraries and at the
        festival  September 11 & 12, 2015.
10.  Physical pieces may be retrieved after the festival at your local library.
11.  We reserve the right to not pick a winner.  All entries will be included in the art shows.

The Planning Committee is still in the process of 2015 author selection.  Meanwhile, feel free to browse the pages below to see what 2014 brought.

Glenis Redmond’s love of words has carried her across the country for two decades. She logs over 35,000 miles a year bringing poetry to the masses. This Road Warrior Poet though steeped in Afro-Carolininan roots, speaks a universal tongue of love, loss, celebration, sorrow and hope. Her verse uplifts family, culture and community. Glenis is a gentle pen pusher as she encourages others at diverse venues across the country from prisons, universities, festivals, conferences, camps, keynotes, rallies, to schools.

She is a 2005-2006 NC Literary Award recipient and a Denny C. Plattner Award winner for Outstanding Poetry awarded by the Journal, Appalachian Heritage. She has been inducted in the Mt. Xpress’ Hall of Fame for Best Poet in Western North Carolina after winning for over a decade.

She is a Workshop Leader with the Kennedy Center’s Partnership in Education Program in Washington, D.C. Glenis’ work has aired on National Public Radio. She is a past winner of the Southern Fried Poetry Slam twice and a top ten finalist in the National Poetry Slam.


Join us as we meander through the past and explore the role of memory in story, oral traditions, and poetry.  In 2014, the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival features writers and presenters who take us down the quirky path of memory.

2014 Keynote
Banquet Speaker
Glenis Redmond